Tentando causar o efeito Slashdot

Mandei uma notícia sobre o Campus Party no Slashdot... Será que é dessa vez que eu consigo aparecer lá?? =)

Aqui vai o texto da notícia:

Campus Party is a big LAN party that happens yearly at Spain ever since 1997, and had 5.500 participants in the last three editions. This Valencia Campus Party is generating spin-offs, and last Monday started the first Brazilian edition of Campus Party, sponsored mainly by Telefónica (Spanish telecom company operating in Brazil) and the Government. The Brazilian Party already began with more then 2.700 campers, and a 5GBps connection to the Internet. Our Campus Party is featuring lots of interesting lectures and workshops, and even a BarCamp. The subjects of the events range from gaming, FOSS and case modding to music, robotics and astronomy. It is happening inside the pavilion of the Bienal, in São Paulo. The media is making a large coverage, and many people are live-journaling, sending pictures to flickr and broadcasting video streams. One nice source of information about what is going on in there is a twitter livestream by blogblogs. The CParty seems more and more interesting by the hour, and will go on until Sunday. All us Brazilian geeks and nerds are very excited! +<8) (Só falta aparecer no Slashdot!)

((( Eu ia tentar colocar o "badge" do slashdot pra vcs poderem me ajudar fazendo pressão neles pra aceitarem, mas pra isso eu teria q ter submetido a história a partir daqui... too bad! :P fica pra próxima! :] )))

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