Etimologia do título deste blogante

Ontem escrevi uma carta praquela filósofa gente-fina do saia-justa. Ela deu uma entrevista no Jô Soares... Pra inventar um nome pra esse blog de teste aqui, comecei obviamente da palavra filosofia, inspirado.

Segundo a Wikipedia...

The term philosophy comes from the Greek word Φιλοσοφία (philo-sophia), which means "love of wisdom" to love wisdom or less commonly "friend of wisdom".

Agora, toooodo mundo tb sabe que...

Grok (IPA /gɹɑk/, rhymes with rock) is a verb that connotes knowledge greater than that which can be sensed by an outside observer. It is an understanding beyond empathy and intimacy. In grokking, one experiences the literal capabilities and frame of reference of the subject.

Robert A. Heinlein originally coined the term as part of a fictional Martian language in his 1961 novel Stranger in a Strange Land, where it literally means "drink" and figuratively refers to the merging of essence that encompasses the theme of the book. The term has become part of the English language, attested in dictionaries and used most by certain counterculture groups and in hacker culture.

E aí, não era obrigatório que um dia alguém fizesse essa piadinha-séria? :)