XawMMS - Why Xaw rocks

This is for the VTWM and Athena widgets fans out there!... I was showing my brother the numerous skins available to XMMS, and we were discussing about how it is difficult to make a nice skin, and how XMMS, just as it happens to winamp, has a lot of not-so-nice skins...

Then suddenly I faced this wonderful XawMMS skin, that emulates the Athena widgets look-and-feel!!!
It's at page 5 of the skins at XMMS webpage... I think you can download it here. And there is also a gtk+ skin.

Here is a screenshot of it minimized in my desktop:

And a complete screenshot of the whole thing: XMMS with XawMMS running in my beautiful VTWM desktop:

You can also see mucous running in the background, a console ncurses based soulseek client that I'm in love with. And of course, xeyes, xclock, xload and xwd... And always remember I call XMMS using the multimedia keys of my great Compaq notebook ;) (so proud of it!!) I use the hotkeys program.

I'm quite positive I may never change my skin again... And thanks god it's not that wretched Xaw3d!


Esses são screenshots de um maravilhoso skin que eu finalmente descobri pro XMMS que emula o Athena widgets, a biblioteca tradicional de widgets do X!... Tem tudo a ver com meu VTWM!

E graças a deus não é Xaw3d! :Q

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Daniel Poeira said...

Sure beats Windows Vista, but "beautiful desktop" is quite an overstatement...